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Which PDX Coffeeshops Offer Kick-Ass Air-Conditioning?

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It's Friday and time to hear from the crowd. Have a topic you'd like discussed among Eater readers? Send it here.


Image of Stumptown at the Ace Hotel courtesy Imorchard via Flickr

Hoo boy. For the next week or so, Portland's havin' a heat wave, with temperatures scheduled to hit 90 degrees by this Sunday. And yes, while outdoor patio drinking and ice-cream eating are quality ways to stay cool, for those stuck working indoors during daytime hours, things can get pretty sweaty without access to air conditioning. With that in mind, we're taking a servicey approach to this week's Friday Open Thread. Instead of naming a "best" or "favorite" dish/place, we'd like to ask you readers to name the work-friendly places — any coffeeshops, cafes, etc. where folks can park for an hour or two — that offer good-quality air conditioning. Bonus points for decent coffee and wi-fi access.

We'll round up the suggestions in a map next week.
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