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Ben & Jerry's Churning Out a 'PDX-Flavored' Ice Cream

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So, what does Portland taste like? Ice cream conglomerate Ben & Jerry's has announced plans to create five "city-specific" flavors this summer, and Portland makes the scoop shop's shortlist, with help from local partners Rogue Ales and Portland Roasting Coffee.

The online voting campaign recycles some Portland stereotypes (mustaches vs. beards! baristas vs. band members!), with each trope corresponding to a possible flavor component (marshmallows, graham crackers, etc.). An on-the-street campaign allows unsuspecting Portlanders to "vote" for flavor components by checking in at breweries or bridges on Foursquare, selecting a specific ingredient-corresponding bike lane, or Instagramming photos from Powell's or Pioneer Square. Voting ends on July 28, and the flavor will be available around town for one day only — during a B&J "community event" on August 10.
· Ben & Jerry's City Churned [Official site via OregonLive]

Image of Ben & Jerry's Cowmobile courtesy btaroli via Flickr