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SE's Matchbox Lounge Closes After Six-Year Run

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After six years in business, SE Division's Matchbox Lounge — known for its stand-out burger and unofficial status as Pok Pok waiting room — has called it quits. Owner Michael Huffman confirms the shutter, saying, "While it is bittersweet it is a very positive decision and great things will come of it." In an official announcement, Huffman signs off:

"While we will miss the great happy hours, awesome burgers, and fun nights we shared with you, we are excited to hand off the space to a great group of people with an exciting new concept. Our little space has some big plans in store for it, and you will start seeing an amazing new place for the neighborhood emerge in the coming months."

More as it becomes available.
· Matchbox Lounge [Official site]

Matchbox Lounge

3203 SE Division St., Portland, OR