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Yolk Adds Dinner Service; Interurban Updates Menu

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WOODSTOCK— Egg-themed food cart Yolk — the little sister to neighborhood restaurant Toast — has announced that dinner is officially on the menu, available Wednesday through Saturday. Dinner service features options like gnocchi with veggies, lamb meatball subs, oxtail sandwiches, and at least one eggy dish: quiche. [EaterWire]

N. MISSISSIPPI— The Oregonian reports that Mississippi bar Interurban has upped its happy hour offerings — it's now available from 3-6p.m. on weekdays and 10p.m. to close on Sundays. [OregonLive]

AURORA— Though serving wild-hunting game on a restaurant menu is illegal in Oregon, the state's Department of Wildlife recently took a group of chefs on a shooting excursion — hoping that allowing chefs to blast a skeet disc with a shotgun would encourage "a new generation of hunters [to] be born." Head over to Eater National for photos of Ox's Greg Denton, Depature's Gregory Gourdet, and Lincoln's Jenn Louis firing shotguns. [-E-]


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