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What Spot Makes Portland's Best Club Sandwich?

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It's Friday and time to hear from the crowd. Have a question you'd like discussed among Eater readers? Send it here.


Image of Kenny & Zuke's courtesy Avila/EPDX

The classic club sandwich is a simple thing. Its ingredients: usually turkey, bacon, lettuce, and tomato. Its presentation: two layers of sandwich in between three slices of bread, cut into quarters and held together with toothpicks or another pointy instrument of choice. So while Portland is usually quick to celebrate its porkier, meatier, fall-apart-because-why-toothpicks sandwiches, we'd like to take a moment and shine light on the simple things: What spot makes Portland's best club sandwich?

Whether your favorite is a neighborhood-diner staple or would be considered a more "upscale" take, do give it a shout in the comments. We'll round up your favorites for something very special coming up next week.
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