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Events On-Tap at din din, Block + Tackle, Coppia, MORE

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On this week's event-planning EaterWire:

NORTHEAST—Tomorrow (Wednesday, July 3), eager pre-gamers can start celebrating early at din din Supperclub's Independence Day barbeque. Taking place on the din din sidewalk between 11a.m. and 5:30p.m., the party features $8 cocktails like the Chapel Thrill (Pimms, lemon, soda, cuke and fresh ginger), $5 appetizers, and a heaping $10 plate of pulled pork, fennel cole slaw, potato salad, and creamed kale. No reservations necessary; simply show up hungry.

DIVISION/CLINTON—This Saturday, four Oregon wine producers will bring bottles on bottles to Block + Tackle, chefs Trent Pierce and Patrick Schultz's spankin' new seafood spot on SE Division. This event is the second in a mini-series of oyster and white wine tastings, and promises manifold preparations of the briny shellfish from 9 p.m.'til close. Block + Tackle also encourages guests to wear all white for the night. Tickets are $40; walk-ins are welcome, but pre-sale guarantees entry. Call the restaurant at 503-236-0205 for a reservation.

PEARL DISTRICTNortheast Italy's Bertani Winery will pay a visit to Coppia for a wine dinner next Wednesday, July 10. Dinner begins at 6p.m. with antipasti and a Soave "Sereole," which then gives way to four remaining courses prepared by chef Aren Steinbrecher. Furthermore, sommelier Stefano Mangarati of Berati will be in attendance to walk diners through each pairing. Tickets are $65 and can be attained by calling Coppia at 503-295-9536.

LOWER BURNSIDE—This summer, the Hollywood Theatre is setting up shop at Burnside Brewing for a series of film screenings and beer pairings. This Saturday marks the kick-off, where Burnside will present its "Henry Jones Jr." pale ale to accompany Raiders of the Lost Ark. These 21+ screenings require attendees to bring their own chairs, but for an event that's completely free (yes, that's F-R-E-E), is that really so much to ask? Films begin at dusk at Burnside Brewing; more information here.

—Taylor Thompson

Image of din din Supperclub courtesy Avila/EPDX


417 NW 10th Avenue, Portland, OR 97209 503 295 9536

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