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Billy Schumaker Resurrecting Taqueria Nueve in SE

Photo of Taqueria Nueve courtesy vj_pdx via Flickr

Taqueria Nueve, the beloved Mexican restaurant that shuttered in 2008, is back from the dead. Eat Beat brings first word that Billy Schumaker will resurrect T9 in the former Beaker & Flask space, which has stood empty since the bar's closure in late June. According to Eat Beat:

The new menu will feature many of the classics that made the restaurant a hit—including those excellent wild boar tacos — while incorporating some of the standouts from D.F.'s cosmopolitan offerings. Above all, Schumaker promises continued commitment to sustainably sourced ingredients and fresh takes on regional flavors from Mexico.

The eight-year-old Taqueria Nueve often appeared on "most-missed" restaurant lists since it closed — along with sister restaurant DF — in 2008. Schumaker and business partner Brent Richford are aiming for a November opening. Developing...
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Taqueria Nueve (T9)

727 SE Washington St, Portland, OR 97214

Taqueria Nueve

727 SE Washington, Portland, OR