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St. Jack's Aaron Barnett Reveals More Expansion Details

Photo: Dina Avila

In an extensive interview over on Eater National, St. Jack chef Aaron Barnett reveals new details about the Lyonnaise restaurant's upcoming second location on NW 23rd Avenue. In the 45-seat dining room, Barnett reveals plans for a cheese cart, old-school tableside flambées ("Who doesn't like seeing fire, right?"), and a raw bar that extends beyond oysters:

The thing we're going to do a little differently, though, is use more local product in terms of not just doing oysters and shrimp and clams and whatever you're used to seeing on these platters. [We're going to be] doing like local dungeness crab, crawfish when they're in season, geoducks, and razor clams in conjunction with the classics. And we're also going to do them in different price points.

Also on-tap: a "proper" lunch service and a bar atmosphere "catering to the after-work crowd because that's how I eat." Barnett also talks about dealing with media scrutiny, outsiders' perspectives about Portland, and the unglamorous nature of kitchen work: "There's that radio program, I think it's called Food is the New Rock. That's the farthest fucking thing from any fucking truth. "

Head over to Eater National for the intel. >>>

St. Jack

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