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Watch Ned Ludd's Jason French Make Brunch on a Budget

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While in town for Feast Portland, PBS show Original Fare goes the-anti-Oregon Bounty route, challenging Ned Ludd's "ax-wielding chef" Jason French to create a budget-friendly brunch with ingredients sourced from Grocery Outlet. With a budget under $25 and a bag of Juanita's chips, French fires up a large plate of migas for a $1 per serving — and brunch conversation turns to fixing food systems.

"The greatest freedom you have is to take back the power of what you eat and how you feel as a result," French says. "The world doesn't need another Whole Foods; the world doesn't need another grocery store. I don't even think the world necessarily needs another farmer at this point. But we really need to re-investigate the network of food distribution, the network of food production and how it's distributed to our communities, if we want them to thrive."

Video: Brunch on a Budget in Portland

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