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This Week's Special at Casa Diablo: The 'Booker Burger'

Photo courtesy @killendave via Twitter

The OMGbreakingnews that Casa Diablo dancer Lynsie Lee enjoyed a Twitter flirtation with Newark mayor (and New Jersey Senate candidate) Cory Booker lead a shocking amount of the American population to literally just discover that yes, Portland, has a vegan strip club. (When news broke, a Booker spokesperson responded to the "scandal" by telling NY's Daily Intelligencer: "Really, the most shocking part of this story was learning there is a vegan strip club in Portland.")

So of course, Casa Diablo is celebrating its newfound notoriety with a new menu item: the "Booker Burger." Casa Diablo owner and vegan person Johnny Diablo tells the New York Post that the veggie-patty burger features "extra mayo, since he's the 'mayo'-r of Newark." Bonus: The $8 burger comes with a "side of Lynsie Lee's thighs," which are presumably not vegan?
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Casa Diablo

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