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Watch Portland Meat Collective's Camas Davis Talk Whole-Animal Butchery, Ethical Meat-Eating

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Dark Rye — the "online magazine" by Whole Foods — has dedicated its entire September issue to meat, and its main feature sees Portland Meat Collective founder/butcher Camas Davis breaking down her approach to whole-animal butchery and ethical meat-eating. The following video rehashes some of the PMC's familiar story (mainly, how Davis went to France to learn butchery and founded the collective to explore humane animal slaughter) but goes further in-depth to allow eaters to make "informed decisions about where they want to sit on the spectrum of eating factory-farmed meat and veganism."

Keep an eye out for cameos from pastry chef Kristen Murray, Tails & Trotters, and KitchenCru. There are also lots of really, really adorable farm animals (that will presumably be eaten at some point in their lives, so sorry if that's not your thing). Go, watch:

Video: The Portland Meat Collective

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