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Watch Ken Forkish Talk Baking and 'Artisan' Etymology

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As part of a new video series documenting the work of artisans, James Beard winner/baker extraordinaire Ken Forkish gives cameras a behind-the-scenes look into Ken's Artisan Bakery as his team mixes, rolls, and bakes a day's worth of breads and baguettes (call time for bakers: 2:40a.m.). In the accompanying interview, Forkish reflects on 10 years at the bakery, from the days when folks thought his dark breads were too burnt to how he came up with the name. "I don't even like the phrase 'artisan bread' anymore," Forkish says. "I say it to give people a reference point. But really, artisan bread, to me, means really good quality French bread made with a lot of manual energy."

Forkish also addresses the constant urgings to expand his brand (which includes two other restaurants, Ken's Artisan Pizza and the newish Trifecta Tavern). "I reject the assumption of an 'American business' that says you have to grow," Forkish says. "If I do a new project, I don't want to repeat what I've already done before." Go, watch:

Video: An Artisan Baker

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Ken's Artisan Bakery

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