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Luchador in North Portland Hangs Up its Mask

The Mexican taqueria formerly known as Trebol is closed.


Late last year, six-year-old Mexican restaurant Trebol briefly shuttered before owner and Higgins alum Kenny Hill revamped the space into a more playful, bar-focused, tequila-and-small-plates spot called Luchador Bar & Lounge. But after 10 months, Luchador has shuttered -- at least for now.

Hill, who opened the N. Albina Aveue bar with co-owner Justin King, says it's closed for "maintenance and repairs," but it won't be reopening in the same location. "We're currently looking to relocate Luchador Bar & Lounge due to unsustainable rents," says Hill. "Look for us to pop back up in a short amount of time."

More details as they become available.