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A House Divided: Gourdet and Adams Compete on Top Chef Boston, Premiering Tonight

Both Departure's Gregory Gourdet and Imperial's Doug Adams have their eyes on the prize. Who are you rooting for?

Even Portlanders who have sworn off reality TV are going to want to tune into this one. Season 12 of Top Chef premieres tonight at 10 p.m. on Bravo, with not one but two Portland chefs vying for the title.

As we reported in August, Gregory Gourdet of Departure and Doug Adams of Imperial are among the 16 professional chefs from around the country who convened in Boston to compete for culinary fame and the $125,000 prize. In fact, they're the first Portland contestants to be on Top Chef, with the exception of Naomi Pomeroy's and Jenn Louis' appearance on the spinoff show Top Chef Masters.

A promo clip reveals an assortment of the ridiculous challenges the chefs face, including cooking a Thanksgiving dinner fit for a pilgrim (with the palate of a bazillionaire restaurateur), and putting on a dinner at Fenway Park.

Tonight's action gets right down to business with a Sudden Death Quickfire elimination round (watch a sneak peek below, and more here).  We have complete faith our hometown heroes will do us proud, but if you ask us, we're rooting for a tie.


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