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Top Chef Recap: Portland Chefs School the Chumps

Gregory Gourdet and Doug Adams blast off with the top two dishes of the night.

The premiere of Top Chef Boston aired last night, and as we said before, the season features not one, but two Portland chefs vying for the title.

We also said we knew Gregory Gourdet of Departure and Doug Adams of Imperial would do us proud. And they did. The chefs made two of the top-three dishes of the night, impressing judges like we knew they would. (Yeah, we're a little smug.) Check out Eater's full recap written by comedian Alison Leiby, which will be a regular feature each week.

Also a regular feature, Doug Adams will create a special menu at Imperial inspired by his Top Chef dishes. Starting today, the special menus will be available for one week and will continue every Thursday after each episode as long as Doug remains in the competition.

"Top Chef" airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on Bravo


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