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Raise a Glass: Eater's Third Annual Cocktail Week Starts Now

Get ready for five days of booze news and spirited coverage.

The weekend's over but the party just started. Today through Friday, we're dedicating this site to the people, places and drinks that make Portland one of the top cocktail cities in the country. That's right: Eater's third annual Cocktail Week starts right now. From the hottest new bars to the coolest dives, the best happy hours to the tastiest Bloody Mary's, we've got the booze news you need all week long. Check in each day for your daily drink inspiration, profiles of bartenders, and to get answers to important questions like 'Where's the best place to get drunk enough to belt out karaoke?'

But we also want to hear from you, dear drinkers. Who's shaking up your favorite cocktails? What's the best thing you sipped this month? Where do you go for a little hair of the dog? Head to the forums, spend 30 seconds creating an account, start a thread, and share your wisdom.