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Swift Lounge: Get Your Hangover and Cure It Too

To celebrate Dive Bar Power Hour, a look at some of Portland's divier extracurricular activities.

courtesty of Swift Lounge
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Swift is, above all, a late-night dive. Yes, it can get crowded before the sun goes down, but it sashays into a slinky, almost swaggery confidence once the sun has set. The drinks are strong, the crowds are young, the volume's amplified, and the nights can feel endless.

But they will end, and if you stay too long, those drinks'll make sure they end with a thud.

When you have one of those nights, Swift is there for you again, making it all better by presenting you with its "Hungover" weekend brunch.

If your suffering's minimal, ask for the farmer's breakfast. With its two eggs and roasted Brussels sprouts salad made with house­-cured bacon, ­all cradled by a pillow of cheesy grits, it's easily the menu's calmest breakfast dish. It'll also go easier on your stomach.

But Swift knows that some of you out-do yourselves a lot more often than not, which is why it has dialed in dishes designed to cure your hangover by overwhelming it. Case in point: the savory waffle. Don't let the simple name trick you -- it comes with duck confit and sausage gravy. And the Swift burrito could be more accurately described as a burrito that's trying to cure its own hangover by swallowing down some eggs, French fries, sausage, and even more of that gravy.


But dives are for drinking, and Swift knows that a first­-thing-in­-the-morning Mason jar of Bloody Marys can help right what's wrong, and a bucket of mimosas (a kit with bottles of sparkling wine and juice on ice, plus glasses rimmed with Pop Rocks) can't hurt either. Certainly not as much as you've already hurt yourself.

So swing in and take a seat -- Hungover Brunch is the only time Swift offers table service. Keeping your shades on is optional. Although if you do, no one's gonna judge you, because even if you're keeping to yourself, you're not alone. Brunch is served from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.

Swift Lounge, 1932 N.E. Broadway St., 503-288-3333

Swift Lounge

1932 Northeast Broadway, , OR 97232 (503) 288-3333 Visit Website