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For the Coffee Snob Who Has Everything: Stumptown Unveils $185 Travel Brew Kit

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Just add hot water, and a good-paying job.

Stumptown Coffee

We can all agree that hotel room coffee is crap, but we all have a different approach to the problem. While most everyone else simply searches for the nearest coffee shop, true coffee geeks will leave nothing to chance and bring their own ground coffee and a travel cone or French press. One-upping those guys are the serious coffee snobs, who bring along whole beans and a travel grinder. And, now, those with the cash can one-up even the snobs with "The Rambler."

Stumptown's latest travel kit has all you need to brew on the go, as long as you have hot water -- and $185. We priced out the contents to see how it all adds up:

  • Aeropress coffee brewer $25.95
  • Porlex travel grinder $55
  • Two enamel mugs: $8 for generic (or $32 for Stumptown brand)
  • 12 ounces of Hairbender coffee beans: $14

Total: $102.95

That means you're paying around $82 for the "tough as nails" waxed canvas and leather carrying bag, made by Wood & Faulk. We're not sure why it needs to be tough as nails, but it sure looks pretty. And it's handmade in Portland, which counts for a lot.