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Departure Chef Gregory Gourdet is Now a Video Game Character

He's talented, tireless, and now the current Top Chef Boston contestant is animated.

Some chefs get immortalized in comic books. But Departure head chef and current Top Chef Boston contestant Gregory Gourdet has gotten the video game treatment.

In a move befitting the Portland chef's seemingly tireless energy, Sage Restaurant Group, which owns Departure, has turned the chef into a mohawk-sporting avatar for its new mobile video game "Kitchen Rush."

Players get to pretend they're Gourdet -- slicing, dicing and cooking their way toward points redeemable at the restaurant for items like edamame, smoked salmon rolls, and wings. Players can also link up with friends a la Candy Crush and compete for the highest score.

The game, designed for iPhones and iPads, is free and available through iTunes.


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