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Kure Juice Bar's Big Expansion Plans

A new commissary just opened, and two new locations, including a flagship, will soon follow.


Kure juice bar is getting ready to take over the world. Or at least Portland.

The humble cart on SE Hawthorne that helped kick off a fresh-pressed juice trend, just opened a commissary kitchen on N.E. MLK Boulevard as part of its empire-building plan.

"We're actively working on getting as many people walking around with healthy drinks as possible," says owner Nate Higgins.

There's already a sleek, almost-two-year-old outpost at S.W. 6th and Taylor Downtown. But on January 1st, Kure will open location No. 3 in the Central Eastside Industrial district. The newly renovated building at 81 S.E. Yamhill, next door to Hair of the Dog Brewing, is anchored by Cargo's new retail space, which just opened Oct. 11.

Higgins says to expect a bunch of new menu items when it opens this winter. "The commissary is going to change all of our stores," he says. "We'll be adding a bunch of fun things to our menu. A lot more grab-and-go salads, wraps, and new juice items."

That's not the only plan in the works. Higgins is opening a flagship store in the West End's newly renovated building at S.W. 12th and Stark, right next door to the planned second outpost of Bamboo Izakaya, and down the street from Tasty N Alder, Ruby Jewel and Lardo.

"It's going to be bigger," says Higgins. "It'll have the same offerings but more seating. It's a 1,200-square-foot space and it'll have a cool, creative integration with the lobby of the building."

Higgins is aiming to open the flagship in March. Meanwhile, his team is busy giving the Kure vending machine, which was originally installed in the Mojave store on S.W. 13th, a more user-friendly overhaul and an integration with Kure's new mobile app, set to launch in just a few weeks.

"It's a payment app and a loyalty program," says Higgins. "It uses NFC, like Apple Pay. And a dollar spent is a dollar earned. Phase two of the app will be online ordering."