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Pendleton and Voodoo's Unholy Union

The venerable Oregon companies have come up with a high-quality but slightly freaky limited edition blanket.

Voodoo Doughnut

Over the past few years, Pendleton Woolen Mills, one of Oregon's most venerated companies, has been partnering with artists and fashion designers to produce cutting-edge designs using the company's high-quality wool fabrics and library of Native American-inspired motifs. Now, they're moving into the realm of doughnuts.

Though we wouldn't categorize a recent collaboration with Voodoo Doughnut as "fashion-forward" it certainly is eye-catching. The 64-inch by 78-inch wool blanket is festooned with a border of doughnuts (cool) and showcases the top-hatted Voodoo guy front and center (creepy). If you're looking for that perfect stoner-decor addition to your abode, this is it. There are only 250 of these limited-edition blankets available, and each costs $275. You can order online through the link below. The blankets ship Dec. 1.