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The "Portlandia Cookbook" is Out, and it Spawned a Genius Menu Generator

Alarmingly, some of the dishes actually sound almost familiar.

The "Portlandia Cookbook" was released this week, featuring jokey-but-legit recipes and questionable advice from characters on the show. Eater got an early peek at it here, and we have no doubt it will be everyone's go-to White Elephant gift this holiday season.

But one of our favorite spin-offs is this menu generator. Refresh the page and get a new Portlandish menu every time. The craziest thing is the dishes sound almost reasonable. Here's a sample:

  • béchamel pesto served with striped bass and asparagus reduction
  • lamb breast burger with radish frites and mushroom granita, for dipping
  • vegan sopressata crostini with whey
  • nose-to-tail pickled rhubarb salad of asparagus blossoms
  • toasted venison served on a skewer in a beet and yeast brew

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