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Beer, Cheese, Pigs and Chili

A roundup of this weekend's best food and drink events.

  • Fresh Hop Fest: Good luck trying to taste all the beers at this epic fest celebrating our favorite beer season. There are close to five dozen beers on tap from brewers all over the state. Styles vary from lagers to saisons, but most are in the pale ale category. And they all have one thing in common: They're made with freshly harvested hops rather than dried hop pellets, so they have an amazing aroma and complex flavor. This annual event starts tonight and runs through Saturday Oct. 4 at Oaks Park. Get your tickets here or bring cash and buy at the door.
  • The Wedge: Not only can you taste a staggering assortment of locally made cheeses at this farmers-market-style event, you can buy it to take home, chat with the cheesemaker, and learn something at one of the seminars. This family- and pet-friendly event is Saturday Oct. 4 from noon to 5 p.m. at (and around) the Green Dragon pub. Tickets are $15 at the door, $11 with advance purchase here, and free for kids under 16. The ticket price includes a $5 token you can use toward the purchase of cheese. Proceeds benefit the Oregon Cheese Guild.
  • Hogtoberfest: Acadia Cajun bistro launches the first in a series of pop-up pork events on Sunday, Oct. 5 at 6 p.m. The six-course dinner is inspired by the Cajun tradition of la boucherie, the communal butchering of hogs that's part cookout, part harvest party. Traditionally, the whole animal is used, so expect dishes like Head Cheese Terrine, Pork Jowls, and Trotter Confit. Optional beverage pairings by bar director Beau Burtnick will have a beer cocktail bent. Cost is $65 in advance; $70 at the door. Ensure a seat and save some cash by getting your Hogtoberfest tickets here.
  • Chili Jam: We already gave you the Chili Jam lowdown here, but it's worth a reminder because the chef lineup looks fantastic. If you're a chili fan, and you love live music, this all-day event on Sunday Oct. 5 is not to be missed.