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Ned Ludd's PREAM Pizza Nights Get Pasta Infusion

On select Mondays the party expands into the Elder Hall space, adding handmade pasta to the menu.

As if PREAM, Ned Ludd's insanely popular, hip-hop-inspired, wood-fired pizza nights couldn't get any cooler, they're busting out into the Elder Hall event space next door on select Monday nights this fall and winter.

"A couple weeks ago, as the line for pizza was out the door on a rainy Monday with a wait time of over an hour, we thought 'Why not do PREAM in the back too?' " says Elder Hall co-owner Michelle Battista.

And with Elder Hall, there's access to a not-so-wood-dependent kitchen, which means chef/owner Jason French can offer something he usually can't: pasta. "Jason really wanted to add pastas to the Ned Ludd menu," says Battista, "but it's tough with a kitchen so small and only a wood-fired oven. Then we opened Elder Hall."

Rolling out the pasta is none other than Karl Holl, former chef at Perbacco Ristorante in San Francisco, who was originally part of a duo slated to take the head chef job at still-under-contruction Renata before parting ways. He's now focusing on special appearances like this, plus pop-ups, and a new online community called LetumEat.

So far, the special pasta-pizza nights are scheduled for Monday Nov. 3, Nov. 24 and Dec. 1. December 22 will be the one-year anniversary party complete with DJ and "shenanigans."

The menu will feature pizzaiolo Nick Ford's three to four regular pizzas, and two to three special pizzas, plus four pastas, three to four salads and a few desserts. It's available in both spaces, but Elder Hall will have a different vibe. "It'll become a bit of a cheesy Italian/American Legion of sorts," says Battista. Expect tables wrapped in red- and white-check tablecloths, candles in Chianti bottles, and Frank Sinatra on the stereo.

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