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PoMo Picks Langbaan as 2014 Restaurant of the Year

The restaurant in the back room of Paadee earns top honors.


A restaurant within a restaurant has earned Portland Monthly's pick as 2014 Restaurant of the Year. Food critic Karen Brooks singles out Langbaan for its mastery of old-school Thai cooking and regional specialties, calling it "one of America’s best Thai food experiences."

"Langbaan’s choreographed evenings deliver fresh excitement—light, interactive, and herb-intensive, full of  shifting moods and a wealth of dishes and ingredients rarely found stateside," she writes.

Open just three nights a week, tiny Langbaan isn't always the easiest place to score a table, but the win will likely make that a lot harder. Start making your reservations now. And although the magazine's "Restaurant Issue" doesn't arrive on newsstands until Oct. 24, staff will continue rolling out the most talked-about features online. Next up tomorrow: Portland's Chef of the Year.