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Sunnyside's Cosmic Soda Pop & Candy is Closing

Stock up on your favorite weird candy. The soda fountain and candy emporium is selling its inventory at a deep discount.

For three years, the independent candy store and soda fountain formerly known as Fizz, was a happy place where gummy fried eggs and old-fashioned candies only your grandma would eat co-existed side-by-side. But the shop around the corner from  Zupan's on Belmont is closing its doors December 1, Neighborhood Notes reports.

The only silver lining is that owner Sarah Leonard is selling her entire stock of candies and sodas at rock-bottom prices. If she carried your favorite obscure, old-fashioned, British or regional candy, now's the time to stock up.

This is also your last chance to belly up to the red vinyl stools and get an egg cream, thick malt or milkshake, float, or old-school, hand-stirred phosphate in one of 40 or so flavors.

Cosmic Soda Pop & Candy Shop: 817 S.E. 34th Ave., Portland