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Pine State Biscuits Opens Near Rose Quarter

The makers of mile-high biscuit sandwiches just opened a commissary kitchen with a take-out window for your on-the-go binging pleasure.

Pine State Biscuits/Facebook

If anyone can test the "If we make it, they will come" theory, it's Pine State Biscuits. The Oregonian reports that the popular chainlet just opened a third location off the beaten path, though we found out it's more of a bonus feature than a restaurant.

Located off a busy stretch of Northeast Broadway, in the same building as Reverend Nat's Cider, the industrial-looking space is mainly intended to serve as Pine State's commissary for the farmers market cart, event catering, and Division and Alberta locations, which is why there's no table service or dishware. But a smattering of bar seating in the waiting area means you can wolf down your Reggie Deluxe on site if need be.

Sizzle Pie's commissary kitchen will eventually share the space, adding its own take-out window on an adjacent wall.

For now, Pine State's Facebook page proclaims: "We promise there is NO line!" But we'll see how long that lasts.

Pine State Biscuits: 125 N.E. Schuyler St., Portland; 503-719-5357

Hours: Daily from 7 a.m. - 3 p.m. Possible late hours coming soon.