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V.P. Joe Biden Eats Ice Cream — Like A Boss

His stop at Salt & Straw yesterday was part of a longstanding tradition (or obsession).

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It was the lick seen around the world: Yesterday, after stumping for U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley at the Oregon Convention Center, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden wreaked havoc on Northeast Alberta and set Twitter on fire by stopping for a cone at Salt & Straw.

While this episode of "Vice Presidents of the United States -- They're Just Like Us!" was particularly heartwarming because it happened in our fair City of Roses, there's no reason to get too excited. It turns out Biden collects cones in just about every city he visits.

The Veep has a serious thing for ice cream, which has been documented by this Tumblr account, as well as in this silly piece from the Washington Post today. Go ahead, google "Joe Biden Ice Cream" and prepare to be amazed (and maybe a little alarmed).

Yesterday's visit, though, had an added bonus: this pimp-tastic shot of Biden eating his double scoop of Woodblock Chocolate and Double-Fold Vanilla while wearing shades and flashing bills. Let the memes begin!

Salt & Straw

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