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Feast Portland Food Festival By the Numbers

A few facts and figures, plus hints at what's coming next year.

Feast Portland

If you've been curious about how much money the not-exactly-cheap Feast Portland events make for charity, the numbers are in.

The Oregonian reports that the organization donated $62,000 to its charitable partners this year, which is about $10,000 more than last year. It drew 12,000 people, which is 1,000 more than last year. Want more numbers? This year Feast featured 39 wineries, 23 breweries, 13 distilleries, 84 chefs, and 35 events.

Organizer Carrie Welch says moving the Night Market to Zidell Yards, where it could spread out, proved successful. As did the introduction of the Brunch Village, which sold out two months in advance.

For the 2015 fest, you can expect more international chefs: "More than a handful," says Welch. And since the Portland area has long been on the cutting edge of the beverage industry, there will be more emphasis on drinks, including more beer, wine and cocktail panels. (We're willing to wager there will be a mead panel next year.)

Mark your calendar, the dates for Feast Portland 2015 are September 17-20. The lineup and ticket sales are usually released in spring.