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Blue Star Donuts Giving Away Free Beignets Next Week; Expanding Menu

Mmmm ... donuts.


Friday, December 5, the original Blue Star Donuts location will turn two years old. And unlike, say, your wedding anniversary, this is one anniversary you really don't want to forget, because owners Micah Camden and Katie Poppe will celebrate in their usual way, by giving away free donuts at all three locations.

There are a couple caveats this time. The only freebies are beignets, and you have to make a purchase. But most people don't have a problem with walking out of Blue Star with more than one donut. The free beignets will be available until they run out.

Blue Star will also be expanding its donut menu, offering more cake donuts that just happen to be vegan (though not all the glazes will be vegan). Expect flavors like carrot cake, caramelized pineapple, chocolate old fashioned, banana Nutella, spicy peanut, and orange marmalade.

Blue Star Donuts

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Blue Star Donuts

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Blue Star Donuts & Coffee

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