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Two Tarts Bakery Storefront Will Shutter Dec. 24

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After six years off NW23rd, the diminutive cookie maker is going back to basics.

On Christmas Eve, Two Tarts Bakery on NW Kearney will shutter its Alphabet District cafe/bakery and return to its farmers market roots.

Co-owner Elizabeth Beekley, who started Two Tarts as a farmers market booth back in 2007, says keeping the six-year-old storefront open in its current location just isn't economically viable anymore. The culprits: High rent, city fees, and steep increases in the cost of ingredients. "We're still using the same stellar butter, flour, market-fresh produce and organic eggs in which we believed," she wrote in a newsletter. "The only thing that's changed for us is the cost of doing business."

Beekley, who also owns Palace Cakes, which opened in September, says Two Tarts will live on at its three Portland Farmers Market booths (Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday) when the season begins in 2015.

Two Tarts

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