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Voodoo Doughnut Expanding to Asia with 20 Potential Stores

Portland's iconic doughnut shop is going to be big in Japan.

Samantha Marx/Flickr

Voodoo Doughnut, one of the city's most iconic eateries and biggest tourist attractions, is planning a major expansion to Asia.

The Oregonian reports that over the next three years, the company will open between 12 and 20 stores in Japan and Taiwan. The flagship locations in Tokyo and Taipei will open around June 2015.

Each location will make their own doughnuts and customize as they see fit, which means doughnuts made with rice flour, or shaped like sushi or Hello Kitty, are within the realm of possibility.

But the Asian expansion is just part of Voodoo's world domination plan. The company also announced it's planning to open a fifth U.S. location by June 2015, though the location is still under wraps. Currently it operates two locations in Portland, as well as an outpost in Eugene and one in Denver.