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PICA Presents a Fundraising Raffle for Food Lovers

Prizes include one-of-a-kind experiences with top food and beverage producers.

Raffles are fun because it's like gambling for a good cause. And the current raffle offered by The Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA) is especially fun because the prizes are aimed at food-lovers.

Oregon chefs like Gregory Gourdet, distillers like New Deal, and winemakers like Lynn Penner-Ash, have donated one-of-a-kind packages as prizes. Think whiskey distilling classes, special wine dinners, and mushroom foraging expeditions. There's even a Salt & Straw flavor creation tour and VIP tickets to next year's Feast Night Market.

Each raffle ticket costs $25. It's not tax-deductible, but all proceeds go toward funding PICA's programs and keeping things like the Time-Based Art festival going strong.

The raffle ends Jan. 1. You can buy tickets raffle tickets here. Winners are notified on January 5. The first winner will have their pick of the prizes, the second winner will pick from the remaining prizes, etc.