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Perry's on Fremont Turning into a Childcare Center

After decades as a restaurant, the space will become a preschool.

Perry's on Fremont/Facebook

Perry's on Fremont closed in September 2013 after 41 years in business (29 years at the Fremont and 24th location). But after a year of standing empty, the prime space at 2401 NE Fremont finally has a buyer.

Parents of young children may rejoice, but diners will have to tuck away any hopes that the 3,700-square-foot building, with its ample landscaped patio and parking lot, would become another, more updated, neighborhood restaurant. Instead, it's going to become the seventh location of ChildRoots daycare/preschool. After extensive renovations, ChildRoots hopes to open by April 2015.

The parking lot, meanwhile, was sold separately and will be developed into retail space.