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Holdfast Dining Finds New Home at Fausse Piste Winery

Will Preisch and Joel Stocks are moving their supperclub to the old Sauvage space.

Fausse Piste winery's now-closed Sauvage, future home of Holdfast Dining
Fausse Piste winery's now-closed Sauvage, future home of Holdfast Dining

Holdfast Dining, the three-night-a-week supperclub run by chefs Will Preisch and Joel Stocks, has found a new home.

For the past year and a half, the duo has hosted their multi-course dinners out of  KitchenCru, Downtown's communal cooking space. But by the end of the month, they'll essentially have a place of their own, as they'll take over the front room of Fausse Piste winery (537 SE Ash St.) in the industrial Eastside, which formerly housed Sauvage.

The move means they'll have more control over their space, and the duo hinted in their newsletter that they'll be executing some new ideas as a result. They'll also be able to offer counter seating, which they feel is integral to the Holdfast experience.

There's no set moving date yet. In fact, most of the January Holdfast dinners will still be held at KitchenCru. Tickets for January dinners will go on sale Thursday, December 18th.

Update: Preisch tells Karen Brooks at Portland Monthly: "We will be open 4 days a week in the new space, Thursday through Sunday. On Thursday nights we will serve a six-course menu at our lower price point of $65. The other three nights we feature our nine-course menu at $90."

Fausse Piste Winery

537 SE Ash St, Ste 102, Portland, OR 97214 (503) 807-5565