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Renovations, Added Seating, and Brioche Week Coming to Nuvrei

Some shake-ups are in store for the Pearl district bakery the first week of January.


From January 5 through January 9, Nuvrei owner/pâtissier Marius Pop will close his upstairs cafe for renovations. But to compensate, he's adding seats to the tiny grab-and-go, "Mac Bar" downstairs, and launching "Brioche Week."

Instead of just offering French macarons, the Mac Bar will also offer an assortment of specialty brioche pastries, including varieties with candied orange and almond paste; deep-fried brioche fritters filled with vanilla pastry cream or flavored custards; and brioche filled with a coffee-walnut filling, brushed with orange glaze and sprinkled with maple-glazed coffee beans.

You can also pick up a sandwich made with brioche bread, plus coffee and tea. The upstairs cafe will reopen on January 10th.


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