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What Would Carrie Eat? Brownstein Names her Favorite Portland Restaurants

The Portlandia star and Sleater-Kinney bandmate dishes on her favorite places around town.

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Whatever you think of the TV show Portlandia, you have to admit Carrie Brownstein is pretty damn cool. She's on a trendy show. She's in a cool band. She's one of those few celebs who hasn't publicly humiliated herself. So even though we'd like to pretend we don't care what celebrities put in their mouths, we do kinda care what Carrie puts in hers (to a point). Because if the longtime Portland resident likes the same places we do then we're cool, too, right? Ok, maybe not.

Anyway, Brownstein recently gave Tasting Table her list of favorite Portland haunts, and it was a veritable food-lover's guide to Northeast Portland: Broder Nord for breakfast, Luce for lunch, Barwares for drinks, and the NE 30th and Killingsworth cluster for dinner (including shout-outs for Nonna, Beast, and Expatriate). What about dessert? Brownstein plays it old-school, with cones and crinkle fries at Rose's Ice Cream:

"There's a lot of fancy ice cream in Portland that's a little intense (see Salt & Straw). I appreciate that Rose's has been there for a long time, and you can just get your crinkle fries and ice cream and not worry about being cool."