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Watch Tommy Habetz and Other Portland Notables in Bob Mould Music Video

Cheeky video shot in Portland let's you play "I Spy" while rocking out.

Alt-Rocker Bob Mould picked Portland to film his music video "The Descent," which was released back in 2012. But then he came back for more. His latest video for "I Don't Know You Anymore" (released in June) is a fun parade of B-list Portland locations and minor celebrities. Crema Cafe, Music Millennium, and the Laurelhurst neighborhood's gateway arches get cameos, as do a handful PDX notables like Tommy Habetz of Bunk playing the ultimate fanboy, and Terry Currier of Music Millennium playing the deal-making businessman. Even Byron Beck gleefully appears for a few seconds as a pushy TV reporter. And The Decemberists' Colin Meloy gets a star turn as a smug, tech-savvy sellout. Which other places and people do you recognize?