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Portlandia Activity Book: Am I a Foodie, Or Am I Hungry?

IFC and McSweeney's upcoming The Portlandia Activity Book promises tons of useful information — like how-tos about writing online reviews — and over on the mothership, there's another excerpt that posits an important, age-old existential question: "Am I a Foodie, Or Am I Hungry?"

The one-page guide — edited by Fred Armisen, Carrie Brownstein, Jonathan Krisel, and Sam Riley — helps diners determine where they are on the Foodie/Hungry spectrum while dining at that new "multi-hyphenate fusion restaurant in a former donut shop" in "that 'up and coming' neighborhood." Among the considerations: whether or not "menu perusal" takes longer than the time eating the actual meal (foodie), if the diner uses of the word "exquisite" to describe the meal (foodie), or if they just "grunt and groan" in response to sustenance (hungry).

Head over to Eater National for the full excerpt. >>