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Behold Taqueria Nueve, Now Back in Action in SE PDX

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[Avila, 2/4/14]

At this time last year, Taqueria Nueve was simply a fond memory; now, the once beloved Mexican restaurant has come back to life after many months of anticipation (and one successful Kickstarter campaign), and here's the look inside. The onetime Beaker & Flask space has gone from green to pink, though Beaker's familiar horseshoe-shaped bar remains. What's new(ish): chef Billy Schumaker revives many of T9's familiar favorites, including his crispy wild boar carnitas, Caesar con ceviche, and $7 house margaritas.

According to co-owner Brent Richford, T9 plans to add more items to its menu "as we get rolling along," but its current incarnation, in place over the last week, offers a slew of options: tacos are sold a la carte with a choice of eight different fillings (including cochinita pibil, lengua, and a pescado of the day), while smaller plates highlight vegetarian and seafood options like octopus, grilled white shrimp, and that aforementioned Caesar salad topped with ceviche. Larger plates run the gamut from enchiladas (four kinds, including goat cheese and roasted spaghetti squash) to duck confit tamales to braised beef cheek and grilled hangar steak (the latter is served over a smoky pasilla Oaxaqueno chile sauce ). Beans, rice, squash, and yucca fritters are all available as side options.

At the bar, expect a half-dozen drinks, including a comeback for T9's beloved strawberry margarita, plus cocktails that involve lots of fresh citrus and house-infused chili tequila (the latter in the "Tropical Heat," which pairs chili tequila with mango and lime).

Taqueria Nueve is open now. Hours of operation: 5p.m. to 10p.m., Tuesday through Sunday.
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Taqueria Nueve (T9)

727 SE Washington St, Portland, OR 97214