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The Snowpocalypse List for Thursday, February 6

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Photo courtesy brx0 via Flickr

Everybody panic, it's actually a snowstorm in Portland! Today has already seen several school cancellations (including public school districts, PSU, and Oregon Culinary Institute) and traffic nightmares, and that was just during the morning commute. Some restaurants have begun to announce closures, or alternately, snow day specials, so here's a list of what's open and closed today, February 6. The list will be updated throughout the day: send your tips to the tipline or Tweet using the hashtag #OpenInPDX.

UPDATE: This list is updated as of 5:30p.m. Thursday, February 6, as Eater heads out into the frozen tundra. Do call ahead if you're heading out to dinner tonight (as some places may choose to close early), and drive safe.

UPDATE: If you're looking for snow closure information for Friday, February 7, head here.


· 3 Doors Down: Open, and serving a "Snowpocalypse" special through the weekend: $6 hot toddies and 20% off bottles of wine.
· Acadia Bistro: Open, and serving a $5 mulled wine special.
· Accanto: Open.
· Andina: Open.
· The American Local: Open.
· Ataula: Open.
· Bamboo Sushi SE: Open.
· Barrique Barrel: Open, and offering 15% off with this secret snow code.
· Bazi Bierbrasserie: Open, with a $5 toddy special all night.
· Beermongers: Open, with tonight's "stout night" still happening.
· Belmont Station: Open.
· Besaw's: Open.
· The Bitter End: Open.
· Biwa: Open.
· Block + Tackle: Open.
· Bollywood Theater SE: Open.
· Boxer Ramen: Open.
· Bunk Bar: Open.
· Bunk Sandwiches (Alberta): Open.
· Bushwacker Cide: Open, but tonight's scheduled Woodchuck tasting has been postponed to Monday.
· Cascade Brewing: Open.
· Cheese Bar: Open.
· Cocotte: Open, though tonight's wine dinner with Seven of Hearts has been rescheduled.
· Coppia: Open, with 1/2 bottles of wine all night if you make a reservation.
· Departure: Open.
· Din Din: Open.
· Double Dragon: Open, and offering $1 off soup all night.
· East Glisan Pizza Lounge: Open.
· Expatriate: Open.
· The Fireside: Open, with a selection of $6 warm cocktails on special.
· Genoa: Open.
· Harvester Brewing: Open.
· Hale Pele: Open.
· Higgins: Open.
· Hokusei: Open and offering happy hour all night.
· The Hop & Vine: Open.
· Imperial: Open.
· Irving Street Kitchen: Open.
· Lauretta Jean's: Open.
· Laurelhurst Market: Open.
· Le Bistro Montage: Open.
· Le Pigeon: Open.
· Levant: Open.
· Little Bird Bistro: Open.
· Lonesome's Pizza: Open, including for delivery.
· Mi Mero Mole Division: Open, with $3.50 bowls of frijoles charros on special.
· Nel Centro: Open.
· Nong's Khao Man Gai: Open.
· Nonna: Open.
· Nostrana: Open.
· Nuvrei: Open.
· The Old Gold: Open.
· Oven & Shaker: Open.
· Ox: Open.
· Park Kitchen: Open.
· Pine State Biscuits: Open.
· Pink Rose: Open.
· Pix Patisserie: Open.
· Pope House Bourbon Lounge: Open.
· Portobello Vegan Trattoria: Open.
· Por Que No: Open.
· Radio Room: Open.
· Remedy: Open.
· Roe: Open.
· Rum Club: Open.
· Serratto: Open.
· Smallwares: Open.
· SE Wine Collective: Open.
· Southpark: Open.
· St. Jack: Open.
· SubRosa: Open.
· Sunshine Tavern: Open.
· Tapalaya: Open.
· Teardrop Cocktail Lounge: Open.
· Toast: Open for dinner with $5 hot toddys.
· Urban Farmer: Open.
· Via Chicago: Open.
· Via Tribunali: Open.
· Woodlawn Coffee and Pastry: Open, but planning an early closure.
· DOC: Open.
· Xico: Open.
· Yakuza: Open.


· 24th and Meatballs: Closing at 8p.m., and offering a $1 beer and wine special until then.
· Apizza Scholls: Closing at 8:30p.m.
· Back to Eden Bakery: Closing at 7p.m.
· Breakside Brewery: Milwaukie taproom closing at 5p.m.
· The Country Cat: Closing at 8p.m.
· Firehouse: Closing at 7p.m.
· Laurelwood Brewery: NE and SE locations closing at 8p.m.
· Paragon: Closing at 4p.m., tomorrow's schedule TBD.
· Produce Row: Closing at 5:30p.m.
· Public Domain: Opening one hour late tomorrow morning.
· Tanuki: Closing at 8:30p.m.


· Alma Chocolate: Closed.
· Bamboo Sushi NW: Closed.
· Bar Dobre: Closed.
· Big-Ass Sandwiches: Closed.
· The Big Egg: Closed, with a "50/50" chance of opening tomorrow.
· Boke Bowl: Closed at at 4p.m.
· Boxer Sushi: Closed.
· Castagna: Closed.
· Chef Naoko Bento: Closed.
· Commons Brewery: Closed.
· DOC: Closed.
· The Dump Truck: Closed.
· The Farm Cafe: Closed.
· Grand Central Bakery: All cafe locations closed.
· Grassa: Closed.
· Hapa Ramen: Closed.
· Hair of the Dog: Closed at 4p.m.
· Huber's: Closed.
· Kure Juice Bar (Hawthorne): Closed.
· Laughing Planet: Goose Hollow and Ecotrust locations closed. Diners are strongly encouraged to call ahead at the other locations.
· Lela's Bistro: Closed.
· Little Big Burger: All locations now closed.
· Masu Sushi: Closed.
· Olympic Provisions: Closed.
· Pacific Pie Co.: Both locations closed at 3p.m.
· Perierra Creperie: Closed.
· Petunia's Pies & Pastries: Closed early.
· PDX681: Closed through Saturday, Feb. 8.
· Pie Spot: Closed.
· Portland Pedal Power: The delivery service has shut down for the day.
· Portland Soup Co.: Closed today and tomorrow.
· Racion: Closed.
· Raven & Rose: Closed.
· Ruby Jewel: Closed.
· Sok Sab Bai: Closed.
· St. Honore: Both locations closed.
· Tiffin Asha: Closed.
· What's the Scoop?: Closed.