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Portland's First Cat Cafe Is Currently in the Works

Photo of Tom's Cat Cafe in Seoul courtesy feline_dacat va Flickr

Apparently it's now a full-on race to open the first cat cafe on the West Coast: WWeek reports cat-lover/fulfiller-of-dreams Kristen Castillo hopes to open Purringtons Cat Lounge, a hybrid bar/cafe/shelter that's home to between 10-12 cat residents. Castillo tells WW that she's working with Lake Oswego's Oregon Cat Project to find suitable cats to essentially hang out in the space and snuggle with guests, a la similar models popular in Asia. The difference, per Castillo: "Really, the idea is that any of those cats are adoptable."

In recent months, several West Coast entrepreneurs have announced plans to open cat cafes: San Francisco has two cafes in the works, and recently, Catfe announced plans to open in Los Angeles (pending a Kickstarter campaign that's asking for $350,000 in funds). Purringtons Cat Lounge has not announced a location or opening date, more as it becomes available.
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