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Eater Wants to Hear Your Pizza Delivery Horror Stories

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It's Friday and it's time to hear from the crowd. Have something you want discussed among Eater readers? Send it this way.


Photo of Pizza Schmizza's delivery apparatus courtesy cyclingpdx via Flickr

Starting Monday, Eater will unleash Pizza Week 2014, our bi-annual, surprise-filled celebration of dough, sauce, and cheese. With that in mind, this week's Open Thread focuses on the laziest way to eat pizza — pizza delivery — or, more accurately, pizza delivery gone terribly, horribly wrong. We want to know: What are your pizza delivery horror stories?

Was delivering pizza your worst high-school job? Have you ever filed a Missed Connection to ID your delivery guy? If you've had a weird run-in with a pizza delivery person — or if you're a current or former delivery person with zany customer experiences — do share your stories in the comments below or by pinging the tipline (anonymity guaranteed). And if you happen to be a chef with a pizza-delivery gig on your resume, we'd love to hear from you, too.
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