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Here's a Meatball and Olive Calzone from Pizza Fino

Does size matter? Probably, when it comes to calzones. Eater now humbly celebrates Calzone Power Hour by sizing up some calzones around town:


[Avila, EPDX]

A traditional calzone offers two kinds of cheese — a mozzarella and ricotta blend — stuffed inside dough with red sauce, so for the purposes of this exercise, we stuck to those basics. First up, welcome the adorable build-your-own calzone at Kenton's Pizza Fino. This round calzone measured 5.5 inches around, and with its fillings of pesto sauce, meatballs, and olives, weighed 19 ounces. Sauce was served on the side. At a price tag of $9.75, that's 51 cents per ounce.
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Pizza Fino

8225 N Denver Ave., Portland, OR