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And Now, a Fond Look Back at Pizza Week 2014

Photos courtesy Avila/EPDX

Miss a slice of Pizza Week 2014? Here now, a look back at Eater's dough, sauce, and cheese-filled glory (which in sometimes manifests GIF form). Don't forget, off-menu, Eater-special pizzas are still out there:
· Vallery Markel and Adam Sappington's Country Cat Pizza at East Glisan
· Introducing Gladstone Street Pizza's Shut Up & Eat Collab
· Irving Street Kitchen's Sarah Schafer Deep-Fries a Brunch Pizza

Pizza maps:
· Mapping Portland's 16 Iconic Pizzerias, Past and Present
· A Guide to Portland's Gluten-Free Pizzas
· Put an Egg on It: Where to Find Brunch Pizza in Portland
· Traveling? Eater National Reveals the 21 Hottest Pizza Places Across the US Right Now...
· ... Not to Mention the 38 Essential Pizzerias Across America, March 2014

Pizza-focused interviews:
· Escape From New York's owner Phil Geffner Talks About 30 Years of Bringing People Together and Resisting Change
· OMG Cart Pizza: Handsome Pizza's Will Fain on Cart Life, Dough Nerdery, and Pizza Fanatics
· Artisan Pizza-maker Ken Forkish Chats About Pizza Lines, Charred Crusts, and Bill Cosby


Other inspiration for pizza consumption:
· Sunshine Tavern Is Offering $2 Off All Pizzas This Week
· Migration Brewing's Dean Reiner Recommends Baby Doll Pizza
· Look at Oven & Shaker's Busy Saturday-Night Service

And finally, re-living Calzone Power Hour:
· Here's a Meatball and Olive Calzone from Pizza Fino
· Behold This Calzone from Good Neighbor Pizza
· Feast Your Eyes on Hopworks' Massive Calzone
· Go Try the Monster Calzone Challenge at Opa Pizzeria