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Watch Nong Poonsukwattana's TEDx Talk

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The independently organized gabfest TEDx held its 2014 Portland edition over the weekend, and as previously reported, food cart success story Nong Poonsukwattana shared her story about "chasing perfection and what I have learned." In an emotional talk, Poonsukwattana reveals the abuse she sustained from an alcoholic father and the dream that "one day I would go as far as I can away from the place I grew up in."

Poonsukwattana's path to success involved committing to perfecting one dish and one sauce — "I discovered that you like Thai food the way I like it. It took me six years of living in the United States to discover that" — while acknowledging that perfection is not attainable. "I have learned now that I will never achieve that. In fact, I'm so far away from it. But the journey is incredible." Go, watch:

Video: TEDx: Nong Poonsukwattana

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