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Watch a Clip from Bettinger & McKee's Knife Fight Battle

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As previously reported, a slew of Portland chefs will appear on Esquire TV's chef competition Knife Fight this season, and in tonight's episode (airing at 9:30p.m.), two Vitaly Paley proteges go head-to-head: Imperial's Ben Bettinger goes up against Paley's Place's Patrick McKee in a battle that requires the chefs to cook up (spoiler alert) Jerusalem artichokes, fresh rabbit, and pig's ears.

Tonight, Imperial will hold a live viewing party starting at 9p.m., with complementary appetizers and Fernet pours. But first, here's an exclusive clip of the moments immediately after Knife Fight host Ilan Hall says "go." Go, watch:

Video: Bettinger Vs. McKee, Knife Fight

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