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Watch a Clip from Portland's Best Bars in America Episode

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Esquire Network's booze-focused show Best Bars in America will premiere on Wednesday, June 25, with an episode that highlights the fine drinks of Portland. Over the course of three days, hosts Jay Larson and Sean Patton consume no fewer than 48 drinks around Portland: Their impressive itinerary includes stops at the Horse Brass Pub, Expatriate, Yur's, and the Alibi, where they wonder if "there are more tiki people out on the streets in Portland than there are in this bar."

But in the following clip, Larson and Patton visit the Rum Club, where owner Mike Shea gets to relax and drink a daiquiri at his own bar. Go, watch:

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Rum Club

720 Southeast Sandy Boulevard, , OR 97214 (503) 265-8807 Visit Website