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Brace for Eater's Five Days of Meat, Starting Right Now

It's a great day to be a carnivore: Starting right now and ending, oh, around 5p.m. on Friday, Eater's inaugural celebration of the Five Days of Meat will focus on the meatier, protein-filled dishes on menus throughout the Eater universe. Here in Portland, we'll be unleashing a meaty extravaganza of all things beef, pork, and game (no seafood or poultry here), with meat-filled maps, photo features, interviews with the folks butchering the city's best animal protein, and so much more.

There will be much discussion about charcuterie. There will be peeks inside both smokers and sausage casings. There will be offal. And there's also a hashtag: Follow along with #TFDOM to indulge in meaty stories from Eater hubs across the country. Go on, loosen those belts. This will be fun.