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Gateway Brewing Coming Soon to Hazelwood

NE's Hazelwood neighborhood will soon have a go-to spot for pizza and beer if all goes according to plan: The two couples behind the brand-new Gateway Brewing will begin distributing craft beers to local pubs as soon as early winter, and plan on following it up with a pizza parlor-brewpub sometime in 2015. According to co-owner Karen Sheley, her husband Joel has a couple of beers in the works: a reasonably hopped sessionable pale ale and an ale inspired by classic Czech lagers. (Both Sheleys spent years working for Widmer Brothers, and are partnering with friends and neighbors Tracy and David Meyer.)

"The [Gateway Business District] deserves a great place," Sheley says. "We're ready and eager for rejuvenation." Specifically, their goal is to provide a place that welcomes everyone from the neighborhood, from post-game little league pizza partiers to 9-to-5ers in search of a happy hour spot to families just looking for good pies, great snacks and, of course, quality craft pints. Sheley says all fingers are crossed to open the brewpub by spring 2015, although she admits it might take until autumn to get the doors open. In the meantime, look for Gateway craft drafts, coming soon to a pub near you.
—Chad Walsh
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Gateway Brewing

114 NE 133rd Ave., Portland, OR 97230